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About Vico

“Vico” derived its name from a small town in Southern Italy named Vico Equense, sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to the Amalfi Coast.” The owner is from this area + still has family + friends that remain in this charming waterfront region. This is why we wanted to bring the “Vico” experience to Farmingdale. Vico Equense shares the Lattari Mountain range, connecting it to Positano + other neighboring picturesque towns along the Amalfi coast. Overlooking the Bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius majestically rises in the distance, reminding locals + visitors of the powers of Mother Nature. Even though Vico Equense is centrally located near Naples, Sorrento, + the Amalfi Coast, it has remained a less traveled + unspoiled destination. A short ferry ride from Vico Equense is the isl+ of Capri. With its pristine blue waters + vibrant colored buildings, this sleepy little fishing village boasts some of the most vibrant glimpses of southern Italy’s charm, as well as the “Blue Grotto,” a unique phenomenon where small cave entrances open to large caverns inside the limestone mountains. Sunlight passing through an underwater cavity + shining through the seawater, a blue reflection is created which illuminates the waters + is unlike anything seen anywhere in the world. These amazing blue tones have been recreated throughout the restaurant + bar area as an homage to Southern Italy’s amazing coastline. When you travel to Vico Equense + the Amalfi Coast, chances are you are visiting for the fresh + robust food experiences. Between the h+crafted pastas made with the freshest ingredients to the seafood + vegetables harvested daily in local waters + gardens, southern Italy has everything for food lovers. Vico was created with this is mind. Fresh homemade pasta, daily curated meats, local seafood, + h+ selected vegetables are all part of the food experience we want to share with you. Thank you for coming in tonight + sharing our experience.

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